Sunday, February 3, 2013

Trail Dental Care

By BooBoo

One of many challenges in thruhiking is taking your home dental care routine on the road, per se. Hikers tend to get pretty lax during their hike (at least I do) when on the trail. In recent years I have found that using an electric toothbrush has kept me out of trouble when going to the dentist twice a year. After my most recent dental cleaning I had asked the hygienist for the best battery operated electric toothbrush, but she shot this down as all of them tend to go in a circle and do not really enhance brushing. After the dentist I went to target and look what I found!

Battery operated electric/sonic toothbrush!!! I am terribly excited about this!!! What we also plan to do is get a prescription for fluoride gel as this is a lot lighter than bottles of ACT fluoride rinse. Dehydrated fluoride in a way....

We have also ordered and received the rest of our PCTA maps for the trail, fluffing out our collection of Washington State PCTA maps we acquired just prior to our trip to Seattle in August 2011. We are maps people and like to get a little better sense of our surroundings a little further out from the small trail corridor that other maps provide.

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