Tuesday, November 11, 2014

10/23 - Cusco Day 2

We started our day slowly,  as we didn't have to meet the REI group until 1pm. We ate breakfast and then lounged around until we headed 6 blocks over to the El Mercado Hotel. We met our Lead Guide Dalmiro and the rest of our fellow trekkers. We have a group of ten (including us) which is a great number. Not too many that you are lost in the crowd but enough to keep it varied.
We embarked on a 4 hour city tour. Cusco was the Inca's capital city so there are numerous sites in and around town. We visited 3 - Temple of the Sun, Temple of Lightning and another religious site whose name escapes me. We also went to the Cusco Cathedral that the Spanish built during colonial times. They were all impressive.  Sadly no pictures were allowed in the cathedral and it was raining when we were at 2 of the Inca sites. So I don't have many pictures on my phone (they are on the waterproof camera).
After our tour we had an informational meeting and then broke for dinner. We called it an early night as we had an early start tomorrow.
We lost power and internet due to the rain/wind. I'll try to post this from the next lodge.

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