Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Long overdue update

So, we ended up getting off the trail at Walker Pass, at about mile 650 on the PCT. BooBoo had a self diagnosed foot stress fracture that got better with rest. So we took a city bus to the Amtrak train back to Seattle, WA. We then packed up our car and played tourist in places that didn't require much walking but had a lot of scenery. These places included Olympic National Park, Maryhill Washington, Bend, OR, Reno, NV, Lassen National Park, Burney Falls State Park, Portland, Oregon, and Glacier National Park.

We did try to restart our hike but as a Southbound from the Canadian border but we were turned around by large amounts of snow. Subsequently, on the way back to the trail head, BooBoo's foot started hurting again, so we were done for the time being.

The trail would still be there in the future and we were running out of time and money to be able to complete a complete thruhike in a relatively continuous fashion, which was both of our goals (though not the goal of everyone hiking).

That is the update. We are now in Oregon and working on getting set back up with grown up things in the front country (i.e. apartments, jobs, etc.).

Until next time,
Happy Trails!

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