Wednesday, October 22, 2014

10/21 - 10/22 - Travel to Cusco, Peru

For our Honeymoon Rebecca and I booked a 10 Day Lodge Trip to Machu Picchu. We decided to arrive a day early to get over jet lag and start the acclimatization process sooner.

Our trip started with me going to the airport @ 5:30am to check us in and drop off our luggage. Becca worked until 7:00 am and our flight left at 9:30am so we needed every second to count.
We made our initial flight (and all the others) to Dallas/Fort Worth.
The layover in DFW lead to the discovery of a CPR practice station (Becca posted a picture on Facebook) and a restaurant called Cereality (they make weird flavors out of existing cereals) but I didn't get a picture of that.

We both managed to grab some sleep on the DFW to Miami flight. By the time we ended up in Miami it was getting late so we didn't really explore MIA.

I amused myself on the flight from MIA to Lima, Peru by watching Malecifient with the sound in Spanish (didn't understand a word) while Becca tried to get more sleep.
We arrived in Lima, cleared customs and claimed our luggage. Then it got a little confusing (not helped by our lack of sleep) on how to proceed to our connector flight to Cusco, Peru. But we figured it out and got our bags rechecked and found our gate. When it is time to board you actually board a bus which takes you over to the waiting plane. Then you use a rolling staircase to board the airceaft. I somehow got seated in first class for this flight while Becca was near the back of the plane. Let me tell you that first class is nice. ☺ This flight didn't last long but is was one of the more interesting.  We had to wave off a landing due to weather (fog/clouds). The pilot came on and announced that even though they didn't do this maneuver often they had trained on it. Brutal honesty from the pilot is not what I was expecting there. But we landed safely, no problems at all.

After claiming our bags we were met by 2 locals who work for REI as guides. They took us to our hotel and explained some history of things we saw along the way. At our hotel they made sure we were checked in and gave us a map with directions to the hotel where our official tour starts tomorrow.  So far the professionalism of the REI locals is outstanding.
Becca did an outstanding job with our hotel for our early arrival. The JW Marriott refurbished a house from colonial times in the historic center of the city. (No new construction is allowed to preserve the feel of the place). House is used very loosely in this case, it is massive with a gorgeous central courtyard and lots of cool architectural details. It is beautiful.
We've spent this afternoon relaxing and wandering a bit in town. We're off to dinner and then an early night. Need to catch up on sleep before our tour starts.

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