Saturday, June 1, 2013

5/21 - Return to Wrightwood

By Hedgehog
Start: 374.1
End: 381.1

Our flight was delayed in DC, but not for too long.  It took an hour to get our bags after we landed.

Aloha and Lion King picked us up from LAX to take us back to Wrightwood. The drive back through the mountains was very scenic.

In Wrightwood, we grabbed a few things at the store that we couldn't fly with (fuel for the stove, lighter, etc) and mailed the last of our front country stuff back to Seattle.

Aloha and Lion King dropped us off at Vincent Gap about 4 PM. It made for a nice climb up the mountain.

I would not have wanted to try it in the heat of day. On our way up we came across Natural Hiker coming down the mountain. I'll let you figure out how he got his trail name.

We found a great camp spot as the sun started to set.

(Sorry no pictures from that day, I was out of practice)

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