Saturday, June 1, 2013

5/22 - Baden Powell to Sulfur Springs

Start: 381.1
End: 407.1

Our beautiful campsite from yesterday turned into a wind tunnel, making for a lackluster nights sleep.

In our unbridled enthusiasm to be back on trail for the first full day we set a goal of 26 miles to the Sulfur Spring Campground.

Following the PCT takes you almost to the top of Mt Baden Powell. To reach the summit you have to take a side trail 0.1 mi.

BooBoo and I decided that it was worth the trip. The views were spectacular. 

Baden Powell was the founder of the Boy Scouts. The Boy Scouts helped cement my love of hiking and camping. So it was neat to see the monument at the peak.

The rest of the day passed quickly as we stretched our legs in moderate temperatures and sunshine.

We had to road walk around a section of the trail that is closed due to the presence of an endangered species of frog.  Even the road walk was pretty with views out over the valleys.

We made it to our destination tired but happy and made camp for the night.  

For the second night in a row we were treated ro a beautiful sunset.

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