Saturday, June 1, 2013

5/23 - North Fork Ranger Station

By Hedgehog
Start: 407.1
End: 436

Over breakfast we discussed three different destination based on how we were feeling and where water was located.

The furthest of these options would put us at the North Fork Ranger Station in 29 miles.

The Return of Poodle Dog Bush; there was miles and miles of trail where this annoying plant grew within striking distance.  This bush generates an allergic reaction described as "Poison Oak on steroids" and grows in burn areas.  Avoiding the plants while walking on a narrow trail that frequently runs along the sides of mountains is challenging. It takes mental focus to find the plants, acrobatics to avoid touching the plant, and saps your strength when you do it for miles/hours on end. The fact it grows in burn areas means there is little to no shade and the sun is beating on you the whole time.
Toss in bad balance and it just sucks.

On top of all that it bothers me that there is no resemblance between the plant and the dog its named after. At least none I can see. I've included a photo maybe you can see the resemblance.

One endpoint was Mission Creek fire station. It is in an area that has burned recently and is brand new. They built a little picnic area with table, outhouse and water source for hikers. We ate a late lunch there. It was a little bizzare, with ruined high voltage power line towers standing next to newly erected towers. The fire must have been hot enough that the old towers lost their structural integrity.  

After lunch we left and had long hot climb up. We were determined at that point to get to N. Fork Station so that we could do a half day into town the next day and get out of the heat.

This was a mistake.

When we arrived at the Ranger Station I wasn't hungry and had the chills. I got sick a couple of times while we setup camp. Clasic heat exhaustion.  I was able to get down some hot chocolate then went to bed.

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