Saturday, June 1, 2013

5/24 - Agua Dolce

By Hedgehog
Starting Mileage: 436
Ending Mileage: 454

We were faced with 2 possible destinations Agua Dolce home to the Saufleys and their hostel Hiker Heaven or just about halfway there a KOA that was right off trail that lets hikers camp for $5.

As I still felt weak and not quite right we decided to take it slow and see how the day went. 

I focused on the KOA and their camp store of cold junk food (soda, ice cream, Gatorade, etc) for the first portiin of the day. 
This included when we took a break and used our Tyvek ground cloth to create shade where none existed.

Coming down the hill to the KOA we spotted a familiar white truck.  Natural Hiker (aka Coppertone) was in the parking lot at the bottom of the hill.  We hurried to get to him hoping for some Trail Magic, after all we first met him when we got Rootbeer Floats from Shepherd & Co. outside of Silverwood Lake.
Sure enough he was setup to offer Rootbeer or Cream Soda Floats.   BooBoo & I sat in camp chairs enjoying our ice cream and chatted with him for awhile.

After a spell we headed on the 0.5 miles to the KOA. We promptly went and loaded up on even more cold calories.  We consumed said calories at a picnic table in the shade. We decided to continue on, somewhat reluctantly.   We later found out that since it was Memorial Day weekend the KOA wasn't letting hikers stay that night anyway.

Shortly after leaving the KOA we came across the monument marking the official completion of the PCT

Next we had to go under highway 14, which I believe was 6 lanes. There was a tunnel shaped like the rounded triangle of the PCT logo, which if you squint at my blurry picture below you can see.
We ate lunch in the shade of the tunnel along with 3 other hikers.

Shortly after the tunnel we came to
Vaquez Rocks, a famous geologic formation used in many TV shows and movies.

It was pretty cool to see the place that has represented several different planets across several different Star Trek series.

After a road walk into the town of Agua Dolce itself we stopped for a cold soda.  Which we drank on the 1 mi walk to Hiker Heaven.

At Hiker Heaven we secured our spots for the night (they have a guest limit) then had dinner and showers before retiring for the evening.

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