Sunday, May 5, 2013

Day 11 - Kick Off Day 2 4/27

By Hedgehog

We returned to Kick Off mid-morning for the second day to attend a couple of more lectures, talk to some more friends and most importantly be in the PCT Class of 2013 picture.
Onecof the lectures that we attended was called One Pan Wonders (yes we went to one about food surprised?) which was put on by a friend of BooBoo's named Dicentra.  I failed to get a photo, instead I've attached a photo of the lecture on the history of the PCT, which was very well attended.
We ran into The Chocolate Bandito a north bound AT hiker from '07 who wss at Kick Off hanging out with like mined people.  It was fun to compare memories of the AT with someone who had hiked it the same year.
It was hot out so mostly we hung out talking with friends in the shade. Although at one point another BooBoo came over and got a photo with our BooBoo.
At 4 it was time for the class photo. If  you're thinking that organizing 500ish hikers for a photo sounds like herding cats, you're not incorrect.  But in the end it came together pretty smoothly.  
Afterwards it was time to head out. Thankfully we finally remembered to get a picture of Pinhead.
We returned to our hotel in Pine Valley to ready for our next day of hiking.

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