Monday, May 6, 2013

Day 20 - Zero in Big Bear 5/6

By Hedgehog

Starting Mileage: 266
Ending Milesge: 266

We've been trying to get to Aqua Dulce by the 14th. Aqua Dolce is a small town with famously great trail angels that host hikers, from there we intended to jump off trail for week to attend BooBoo's Masters Graduation. Aqua Dulce provides easy access to LAX. With that in mind we'd mailed travel clothes and other things we'll need to the hostel.

Last night we tried to come up with a plan to get there on time without killing ourselves. We couldn't figure out a reasonably sane way of covering the distance in the days remaining. We went to sleep thinking we would figure it out while waiting for the Post Office to open (we had a package to pick up) this morning.

This morning over breakfast we decided it would be best to find a different way to LAX.

So we've altered our timeline and are now looking to make it to Wrightwood by the weekend.

This a much more reasonable goal and will, hopefully, allow lingering blister issues of mine to go away. The looming specter of having to crank out 20+ miles a day to even have a chance of making it on time will also go away. Plus the rare May SoCal rain/snow storm was lingering in the area with snow forecasted above 6,000 to 8,000 ft

The trip for Graduation is a reward and getting there shouldn't be a punishment.

That resolved, we spent the day at the PO, Library, grocery store, foot baths of Epson Salts for troubled feet, etc. 

Sorry no photos today (well BooBoo posted one on her Facebook page).

Back on trail tomorrow.

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  1. I am soaking my feet right now in epson salt! Hope both of our feet heal up soon.