Friday, May 31, 2013

5/13 Slackpacking out of Wrightwood

By Hedgehog
Starting Mileage: 369.5
Ending Mileage: 374.10

We again had breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe, great food and service. We then spent the day waiting for Aloha to arrive as he had graciously agreed to take us to L.A. on Tuesday for our Wednesday flight.

We decided to put Aloha up across the street at another hotel with better accommodations than ours. Our place was built in the 40s and had that eras rustic cabin feel to it. But I don't think its seen a lot of maintenance in that time. Good enough for hikers (especially with the laundry thrown in) but that's about it.

While we waited for Aloha we decided that we would see if he would slackpack us from Inspiration Point to Vincent Gap. This would let us get another 5ish miles done before leaving but more importantly subtract those 5ish miles from our first day back. Our first day back already included climbing up Mt Baden Powell.
Aloha arrived mid-day and said he'd slack us after he was settled.

It was a nice quick hike. Beautiful and relatively cool..we were both happy to be up in the mountains, Cajon Pass was 102 that afternoon.
We went to dinner with Aloha and made plans to leave after breakfast on Tuesday.

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