Friday, May 31, 2013

5/12 Wrightwood

By Hedgehog
Starting Mileage: 364.5
Ending Mileage: 369.5

One of the reasons why we pushed to Guffy Campground was that it left only 5 miles to HWY 2 at a place called Inspiration Point. Hwy 2 is normally an easy place to hitch into Wrightwood from, what we hadn't planned on was HWY 2 being closed just north of us due to landslides. So when we got there at 8 AM on Mother's Day hoping to get a quick hitch into town for breakfast at the Evergreen Cafe well ... 1 hr 15 min later we finally got a hitch. Not just us but the other 3 hikers who had arrived in the meantime.
A pickup truck with a cap stopped. Turns out the 2 Golden Labs in the back had just finished a nice hike and were headed back into town. Dixie and Daisy kindly made room for 4 of us (and our packs) in the back under the cap. While one hiker and his pack rode up frobt with Dixie & Daisy's human.
A slightly clostrophobic 10 min ride and we had arrived in Wrightwood.
BooBoo and I headed straight for breakfast at the Evergreen Café.
Afterwards we went a got a room at the only place in town that included a load of laundry with your room. (There is no laundromat in Wrightwood)
We hung out for the rest of the day doing errands in preparation for our trip East for BooBoo's Masters Graduation.
We had dinner with a big group of hikers that night at Yodelers.

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