Friday, May 31, 2013

5/10 - Silverwood to Cajon Pass

By Hedgehog
Starting Mileage: 328.5
Ending Mileage: 342.0

We woke to find that the sprinklers had us nearly penned into our site. With a little ingenuity we were able to stay dry as we started our hike for the day.
We were in high spirits, our destination this day was Cajon Pass.  Cajon Pass has several multi-lane freeways and at least 2 major rail lines going through it. While this is impressive to see and no doubt useful it was not directly the reason for our excitement. 
No that would be the sign on the PCT that indicates that the McDonald's is only 0.4 mi away.  Quite possibly everyone who passes that sign takes a picture of it, and I was no exception. But that's getting ahead of myself. Another reason we were excited to be going to Cajon Pass, we had a resupply box waiting at the Best Western there.
The hike while hot wasn't too bad with some nice views and as we neared Cajon Pass the PCT actually uses the remains of Route 66 for a trail which was pretty cool.
At the McDonald's we were unsurprised to find several of our fellow hikers including Chief, Tumbleweed, Alan. BooBoo annd I are our fill and then went to check in at the Best Western.
There we discovered more hikers we knew: Iceman and Catywampus. We also met Two Step and Splits. The rest of the afternoon we enjoyed the A/C.

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