Friday, April 19, 2013

Day 2

By Hedgehog
Our morning began with a breakfast delivery from Magic Man. He brought breakfast sandwiches for Booboo and I and 2 coffee urns to share with the group of thruhikers camped around us.After caffeinating and breaking down camp we headed out with the intention of reaching Mt. Laguna where Magic Man had rented a cabin as his basecamp.
We had some nice miles into Boulder Oaks campground where we had lunch at a picnic table in the shade with some fellow hikers (Reimar, Andre, Mark and Cass). After lingering there, we headed out to Kitchen Creek Rd where we hoped to find Magic Man.
All day we leap frogged over our lunch companions.  As Booboo and I got to Kitchen Creek Rd we were disappointed to find the parking lot empty.  We decided to break and see if Magic Man would show up. Before we could sit down Border Patrol pulled up and asked some suspiciously naive questions about the PCT (they were probably checking our story).
Within minutes of the BP leaving tgere was the simultaneous arrival of Magic Man, Mark & Cass, and Nancy & Joe. So more trail magic, yeah!
While drinking cold chocolate milk a couple of runners came southbound and stopped to tell us they had just seen a rattlesnake about 1/4 mile north. So as we set out we were hyper alert. I was really hoping to get a picture.
For better or worse, none of us ended up seeing the snake. I did get a picture of a lizard.
A ways on we came across an area where a military plane crashed a couple of years ago.  Apparently the explosive disposal unit couldn't find all of munitions the plane was carrying so they put up a helpful sign to stay on the trail and call 911 if you found any explosives (pictured below).
We raced the sunset into Mt Laguna where MagicMan picked us up and yook us to the cabin. While we cleaned up Mark&Cass arrived (we had offered the spare bed to them earlier in the day). They brought amazing news, the local cafe was open! So we all piled into MagicMan's rental car and went to the cafe where we had an excellent burger. We also met two other thru hikers at the cafe - Legasuarus and Pocahontas.
After dinner it was time for bed.

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