Thursday, April 11, 2013

Winter Storm Walda - Part 2

By Hedgehog
On Tuesday we ended up getting about another 150 miles before weather conditions worsened and we decided to hold up at a hotel. 
The tiny town that we stopped at was soon overrun with semis as the Interstate closed.  There must have been 150 rigs parked in every available space. See the pic below.
This delay prevented us from staying with Booboo's friends in CO.

On Wednesday we woke to find the roads in the area closed.  About 8:30am we ventured onto some back roads snf started making our way to my sister's place.  It took us so long we weren't able to get together with a friend of mine for lunch. We eventually made it to my sister's and spent a nice evening with her family.

Thursday morning we set out (after caffeinating with coffee) and met Booboo's friend (who we missed the day before) for a nice breakfast. Then it was back to the driving. The scenery was fantastic;  from Pike's Peak to the foothills of the Rockies to the Tetons on the horizon to the Wasatch Range. 
We're still on schedule to be in WA Saturday.

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