Sunday, April 14, 2013

Road Trip - Complete

By Hedgehog
On Saturday we set out on our new route after acquiring some Starbucks. Our new route took us along the Columbia River for most of the day.  It was one of the most scenic drives we've had during the road trip.
While our new route didn't include Snoqualmie Pass we did cross the PCT in Cascade Locks, OR. The PCT crosses the Columbia River there over the Bridge of The Gods.  We stopped and got out to walk a few steps.  
The Bridge is a toll bridge but PCT hikers get to cross for free.   From Cascade Locks we had a couple of more hours until we got to the ferry we needed to get to our final destination. We had to wait just a short time for the ferry.
We spent Saturday afternoon unloading our cars and starting to get gear organized. We have Sunday and Monday to finish getting everything lined up and then to San Diego on Tuesday. We are still planning on starting on Wednesday, it's getting closer and our excitement is mounting. 

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