Thursday, April 18, 2013

Day One - Woohoo!

We arrived at the Southern Terminus to find a group of about 8 people there.  They had all stayed at a different Trail Angel's house. After mugging for some pictures it was time to load up and get started.
Booboo and I set off at a pretty good clip and "Magic Man" (BB' Dad) took the rental car and went off down the road.
It wasxa nice cool morning to start,  about 36° when we started with a high of 66° for the day.  Our host had told us the night before,  that by Friday it was supposed to be high of 100°. So we were more than happy with the beautiful weather.
We found "Magic Man" about 2.5 miles down the trail at a road crossing. He was already in form. There was 5 hikers around him all eating Snickers and having something to drink. We talked with everyone for a bit and then continued on.
The high desert has way more vegetation than I was expecting.  There were even a variety of flowers blooming.
We met several of our Thru hiker brethren over the course of the day.
Most of the day it was nice hiking.Although the climb out of Hauser Creek Canyon was quite challenging as it came 15 miles into our 20 mile day, it was mid afternoon,  about 80° according to one hikers thermometer,  and an exposed face so nowhere to hid from the sun. Booboo's Marathon conditioning shone through here. She was kicking my butt on that climb.
We were rewarded with cold chocolate milk when we got to Lake Morena Campground. Thanks Magic Man!  After setting up camp and eating we took advantage of the free showers at the campground and called it an early night.

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