Sunday, April 21, 2013

Day 5 - Scissors Crossing

By Hedgehog
The day dawned cool as BooBoo, Gumby, Decaf (formerly Mark), and I piled into Magic Man's rental car.
We were at the trail head and on trail by 6:30 am. The cool weather and couple of slack packing made a world of difference.

Booboo and I made good time as we took in the cacti in bloom. Some of them were as big as me. Okay so that one is a yucca but still.

Even though we're heading North we're coming down in elevation so as the day progressed it started to warm quickly.
By 10 am it was about 80°. The early afternoon wore slowly on, as we followed a contour line down to the valley floor.  

Once on the valley floor it was hotter yet and a few miles to our cut off point of Scissors Crossing.   We found Magic Man at the rendezvous under a shade tent with folding chairs and a cooler full of Gatorade,  Chocolate Milk, and Mt. Dew. Hot hiker Nirvana.

Since Redshirt had spent  the day in Julian, Magic Man needed to go pick her up. So Booboo and I manned the Magic Tent, we had to test the merchandise before any other hikers showed. Below is a photo of BooBoo doing a quality control inspection.
Several hikers came through on our watch including Decaf and Gumby.

After Magic Man's return we headed into Julian to go to Mom's Pies. Mom's Pies graciously offers a free lunch sandwuch to PCT hokers. Since we arrived after they had stopped serving lunch the gentleman at the counter gave us free individual chicken pot pies. Which were delicious.
Not as good as the Mom's Pies we've had every day for the last 3 days. But still delicious.

Hunger satisfied, we started making our way back to the rental cabin. Magic Man spotted numerous hikers at Pioneer Mail picnic area and pulled in to spread a little more trail magic.
Decaf and Gumby jumped right in and soon the 3 of them were passing out Snickersn Mt. Dew and Chocolate Milk to the dozen or so hikers there eating dinner.

Action photos of Trail Angels being born are below.

Back at the cabin; packs were organized, showers taken and feet soaked in preparation for the 2 day push into Warner Springs. 

We're starting extra early to climb up the side of a mountain before the heat of the day settles into the valley.

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