Saturday, April 20, 2013

Day 4

By Hedgehog
We all awoke feeling much more refreshed having done slackpacking the day before. In fact it was such a success that it was decided we would do it again.

Our options for pick up going north out of our end point from Day 3 were either 7 miles or 24 miles. Given that we all have blisters and weren't feeling up to another big mile day, it was decided that we'd do the 7 miles, which would allow us greater recuperation and create an 17 mile slack for Day 5.

In order to beat the heat we got up early and got under way. With even lighter packs and a shorter distance the hiking was even more relaxed than Day 3.

All four of us took a break at particularly nice overlook. Gumby (formerly known as Cass) climbed up on some boulders for a better view.

Magic Man picked us up at our predetermined point then we went down to Julian, CA for brunch. We ate at the Julian Cafe. Boy did we eat, the portion sizes were enormous and the food delicious.

After brunch, a quick resupply from the grocery in town and then back to the cabin for some planning and logistics for the coming days. Julian is also known for Mom's Pies - Magic Man procured an Apple Pie for 2nd lunch or Pre-dinner depending on your point of view.

While we were hiking/in Julian, Shannon was in town performing her first acts of trail magic - mailing some things for Gumby&Mark.  She's taken the trail name Redshirt.

BooBoo and I treated our blisters and then soaked our feet in an epsom salt bath. Then organized food for the next week.  We also started thinning out our gear, we'll mail the extra gear back to Seattle.

An early start is planned for Day 5 so we can get our 17 miles in by early evening.

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